Liquid Handling

Whether in research, science and industry: ratiolab® liquid handling products are used in many laboratories worldwide for applications with liquid media. Our broad portfolio offers everything that facilitates the daily laboratory routine: Pipet tips, diverse pipet tips systems, serological pipets, Pasteur pipettes, etc.

Lab Ware

The product category “Lab Ware” offers a wide choice of products for general laboratory applications. Our high quality cuvets, tubes and vessels are used in a multitude of laboratory applications. Even the clinical field is covered with our Uri-Lab multi purpose beakers and bottles, ear tips and funnels.

Life Sciences

The broad “Life Science” portfolio offers a wide choice of products for microbiology and biotechnology. Our micro test plates, deep-well blocks, PCR products as well as the ratiolab® micro-tubes system are manufactured under strict quality requirements in accordance to the SBS-standard in order to guarantee accuracy and process efficiency in your lab.

Cryo Products

The category “cryo products” offers you a wide choice of products for the carriage and storage under deep-freeze conditions. This includes cryo boxes out of several materials, cryo tubes and storage solutions for deep freezers as well as corresponding accessory.

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